The New Gold Standard in Sensing: Gii-Sens - Integrated Graphene Releases New Analysis Report

Feb 18, 2021 11:54:40 AM / by Sean Lightheart

The world's leading 3D Graphene Foam (3DG) producer, Integrated Graphene, has today published a report that details the performance enhancements of 3DG versus other premium sensing materials. The report, which covers a range of typical electrode materials such as other types of graphene sensing materials, carbon-based and other transition metals such as gold, illustrates the relative performance of each material in commonly assessed parameters.



Key material properties such as sensitivity, a large electrochemically active surface area, scalability and low cost are paramount in delivering an optimised sensing device that can be implemented on a large scale. Carbon-based electrodes are considered a good cost-effective material but lack the overall performance that alternatives such as screen-printed gold can offer. Although it offers excellent electrical properties, screen-printed gold is costly, making it a bad candidate for large-scale integration into products.


Gii-Sens offers all of the desirable properties for unparalleled sensing. It is highly sensitive, has a much larger electrochemically active surface area than other graphene and carbon-based materials but remains cost-effective and simple to manufacture. Overall, Gii-Sens is the perfect candidate for an effective, sensitive, scalable and cost-effective sensing solution. Now, this exclusive comparative report from Integrated Graphene will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of some of the most commonly used electrode materials against Gii-Sens.


The report will be of great interest to development scientists working in the field of sensing solutions as this is the first piece of analysis work to be published on Integrated Graphene's novel Gii-Sens electrodes. This analysis demonstrates the great steadiness as a material, meaning greater sensitivity and accuracy, in turn leading to greater electroanalytical properties.


Highlights from the report include:

  • Gii-Sens vs other graphene electrode materials – “Gii-Sens has a 25% larger electrochemically active surface area than other graphene-based electrodes”.
  • Gii-Sens vs other carbon-based electrode materials – “Gii-Sens redox response outperforms any other carbon-based materials including pure glassy carbon at all scan rates”. Gii-Sens plays the league of mainstream screen printed carbon sensors.
  • Gii-Sens vs screen-printed gold – “Gii-Sens improves screen-printed gold responsiveness at fast scan rates”.


Click here to access the report An Introductory Comparison of Premium Commercially Available Electrode Performance


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Sean Lightheart

Written by Sean Lightheart

Sean Lightheart is the Marketing Manager for Integrated Graphene