What is graphene and why is it so good?

10/22/20 10:01 AM / by Sean Lightheart posted in 3D Graphene Foam, Graphene Applications, 3D Graphene, Graphene Manufacturing


What is the structure of graphene and why is it special?

Graphene is a ground-breaking two-dimensional (2D) super material that possesses extraordinary electrical and mechanical properties that offer the material to a plethora of innovations and enhanced applications. The term “graphene” can be legitimately used to describe widely different forms of material depending on the context. Without any adjectives, the term “graphene” is defined by Carbon (2013) as “a single-atom-thick sheet of hexagonally arranged, sp2-bonded carbon atoms that is not an integral part of a carbon material, but is freely suspended or adhered on a foreign substrate.”

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