5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using the New Gii-Sens+® Electrodes

Oct 13, 2021 11:00:00 AM / by Sean Lightheart

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using the New Gii-Sens+® Electrodes


Following the launch of Gii-Sens, the world's first 3D Graphene Foam sensing electrode, with our 98% pure graphene Gii, comes the new, pre-functionalised Gii-Sens+ sensors available in Carboxyl (COOH) and N-Hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) groups. The initial response for Gii-Sens was well received and we have built on early feedback to deliver the next generation of our products. This feedback has shown a requirement for the opportunity to work with new technique to enable faster workflows, and save time. This is where the development of Gii-Sens+ was born, with the ability to easily purchase functionalised electrodes, removing the inconvenience of the preparation by perfecting surface modification and recognition molecule immobilisation to ensure you get the most out of your antibodies.

Now, with Gii-Sens+, all you need to do is take care of the antibodies; we will take care of the functionalisation.


Here are 5 reasons why you should be using the new Gii-Sens+ electrodes for biosensing:


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1. 3D Graphene Foam is an exciting sensing material primed for research and development scientists


Academics and industry are continuously investigating how they can push the performance of existing sensing technologies to enable them to create products that truly meet the needs of the end-users requirements, particularly within applications seeking real-time, high-resolution sensing, such as point of care testing, pollution/gas, and environmental detection.


Gii-Sens+ provides a world-leading platform for researchers to have game-changing performance enhancements for their sensor systems. For those at the bench and eager to reach research milestones and sharing findings with the scientific community, Gii-Sens+ is one of the most exciting products available on the market for biosensing. Gii-Sens+ surpasses its peers in the electrochemical sensor field is in its performance capabilities with hugely competitive properties.

  • A 25% larger electrochemically active surface area than other graphene-based electrodes
  • Gii-Sens redox response outperforms all carbon-based electrodes at all scan rates
  • Gii-Sens matches and improves screen-printed gold responsiveness at fast scan rates


2. Gii gives consistently high-performance sensing capabilities


In order to deliver reliable and usable data, an assay must be robust and reproducible. The assay should be robust in that it is not unduly affected by changes in sample preparation and handling. Equally, it should give the same results regardless of the individual operating the assay.


For Gii-Sens, one of the main benefits of our fabrication process is that it is so reliable and scalable, that the reproducibility of the graphene surface is one of the main characteristics of Gii. The production process of the 3D Graphene Foam (3DG) is a single-step process and involves no binders or additives meaning no contamination, which allows for superior and consistent electrochemical performance. With its very high pure carbon content (>98%), it is unparalleled in terms of structural integrity and purity - which is unheard of in the current marketplace. A report looking at the purity of available graphene in the marketplace showed that out of 60 products tested, none contained more than 50% of such graphene.1
The negligible variance in the quality of our 3DG ensures that performance is not affected in any way due to our current electrochemical quality control value of <8%. This is very favourable compared to other electrodes on the market presently, which is a known issue in the industrial biosensors arena and why there is such a demand for better, more consistently-performing sensors, such as Gii-Sens.


3. Gii-Sens+ offers research and development scientists the opportunity for product innovations not offered by noble sensing materials


Gii-Sens+ is uniquely positioned to help service the translation of traditional assay formats to the point of need thanks to the excellent sensing performance (e.g., high specific surface area, extraordinary electronic properties, electron transport capabilities and ultrahigh flexibility). This offers the opportunity to exploit the material to create a multiplexed platform that offers the inherent advantages of an electrochemical platform that includes the low cost associated instrumentation and reagents, good prospective for point-of-care applications and flexible assay procedures.


4. Integrated Graphene are happy to help scientists optimise their assay development when using Gii-Sens+


As Integrated Graphene is a one-stop-shop for medical device development, we have an array of electrochemical, material, biochemical and assay development scientists on hand to help answer your questions and give advice. During the launch of our first product, we've been able to build great relationships with our customers and support them and we will continue to do so. We are here to help.


5. Gii-Sens+ is ready to order now, has no lead times and is easy to order via our shop


Gii-Sens and Gii-Sens+ are both available now to purchase from our website shop and are ready to be dispatched. So if you're ready to push the performance of our revolutionary material, Gii, to develop sensing technologies, then now is your opportunity. They will enable you to create products that truly meet the needs of the end-users requirements, particularly within applications seeking real-time, high-resolution sensing.


If that wasn't enough, it also worth remembering that we, as a company, are committed to producing sustainable products and our graphene is grown and not mined, nor does its production involve any harmful chemicals.


Gii-Sens+ is now available from our shop



1 - Kauling, A. P. et al. Adv. Mater. 2018, 1803784 (2018).



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