Integrated Graphene Meet the Team: No.6 - Eleni Panteli, Development Engineer

Apr 1, 2021 11:30:00 AM / by Carla Elizondo

Next in our meet the team series, we would like to introduce Eleni Panteli, another of our talented Development Engineers.

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Q: Where are you from and what is your professional background?


EP: I am from the beautiful Cyprus, where I studied Physics at the University of Cyprus. My thesis focused on the development of a biosensor using a magnetic membrane, which was my introduction to the biomedical engineering field. After dipping my toes in this fascinating field, I undertook a master’s in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow. After completing my masters, I started my career as a Development Engineer at Integrated Graphene. I have now been a part of the Integrated Graphene team for almost 2 years, working on the development of graphene-based products.


Q: What does a day on the job look like for you?


EP: I spend most of my time in the lab where I am doing tests and DoE experiments to determine manufacturing specs to develop effective lean production processes. Before every test, I always  conduct in-depth research to identify what equipment is currently available on the market that can be used to solve any problems that arise within the process. Sometimes, I need to design parts with the needed specs and to create prototypes. I always discuss and exchange ideas with the multidisciplinary R&D team prior to and throughout each project, as collaboration and communication are the main ingredients for a good plan than can lead to low-cost and efficient processes.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in 2021?


EP: I am confident that 2021 will be a real successful year for the Integrated Graphene team, even within the challenging period that the world is passing through with the pandemic. We are working hard for the launch of Gii-Sens and the Gii-Cap products which will open new opportunities into the biomedical and technology world.

Q: How do you see graphene changing the world?


EP: Graphene can be used for different applications within many technological fields. There has never been any dispute over graphene's capabilities as a wonder material, but our technology is overcoming conventional production issues and enabling its integration into novel applications. It will open a new era of a greener technologies and can provide the biomedical and chemistry world with highly sensitive biosensors.


If you have a project you would like to discuss with Eleni or anyone else on our team, then please get in touch today.


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Carla Elizondo

Written by Carla Elizondo

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