Integrated Graphene Meet the Team: No.5 - Gabriel Casano, Development Scientist

Mar 24, 2021 12:45:08 PM / by Carla Elizondo

Next in our meet the team series, we would like to introduce Gabriel Casano, another of our talented Development Scientists.


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Q: Where are you from and what is your professional background?


GC: I grew up in Spain and originally came to Britain to study when I was 16. I studied Electronic Engineering with an emphasis on Nanotechnology. I was always interested in energy and sustainability, so ended up pursuing a PhD in energy storage devices, more specifically graphene-based supercapacitors. After finishing my research, I wanted to apply those skills and knowledge in industry, so was very excited to find a young company working on projects so closely related to what I had investigated. I joined Integrated Graphene in January 2019 so have been here a little over two years.


Q: What does a day on the job look like for you?


GC: I am part of the science team working on energy storage applications. A typical working day involves a mixture of planning, setting up and running experiments, analysing and interpreting results, sharing and discussing data with colleagues, examining scientific literature and liaising with our engineering team to design new samples and products. In our department we are interested in evaluating and further enhancing the electrochemical properties of our graphene, so most of my experimental work is concentrated in measuring these.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in 2021?


GC: I am very keen in demonstrating some of the capabilities of our graphene in our Gii-Cap line of products. Being able to participate in the full development process, from initial materials characterisation to final device validation is very exciting.  

Q: How do you see graphene changing the world?


GC: I remember how excited I was when I first began learning about graphene during my undergraduate days. I find it amazing that I have been able to be involved in Integrated Graphene’s effort in commercialising it. It is really exciting to use it as a brilliant platform for energy storage devices. Globally, a key driver for innovation has been the importance of developing a sustainable way of powering our everyday lives. Gii-Cap has the potential to unlock next-generation energy storage to power all facets of modern life, from electric vehicles and drones to smart wearable technology.


If you have a project you would like to discuss with Gabriel or anyone else on our team, then please get in touch today.


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