How can Integrated Graphene Customise to Your Needs?

Dec 8, 2021 11:30:00 AM / by Caitlin Ho

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At Integrated Graphene, we have invented and patented a revolutionary design for manufacture process to produce high-performing and commercially viable pure 3D Graphene Foam directly onto desired substrate, in seconds. This means we can have an open production method to customise Gii-Sens® for specific designs and demand. 


Gii-Sens® has the classic three-electrode format: working electrode, counter electrode and reference electrode. With >98% pure graphene foam, Gii, it utilises desirable properties of graphene to achieve: 

  • Lower limits of detection
  • Less background noise
  • Broader dynamic range



We can offer custom designs outside of the dimensions, arrangement, connections etc. of Gii-Sens. 





Customisable Designs 


While the current Gii-Sens format can sense a number of analytes, we are able to integrate multiple working electrodes into a custom design, to fully multiplex an assayMultiple working electrodes can be integrated into the design of Gii-Sens to detect multiple analytes with one sensor (Figure 1). 



Group Render 1

Figure 1: Various computer-aided design (CAD) renders of Gii-Sens designs including multiple working electrodes and multiplexing 




Electrode and sensor miniaturisation

With the increasing prevalence of diseases globally the demand for miniaturisation of devices and equipment for use in POC testing is increasing; for the prevention early detection and management of diseases to improve survival rate. Due to the flexibility of our production system, we can accommodate both smaller and larger formats of the final dimensions of a design. This streamlines integration into existing systems, as well as keeping sensing in POC applications compact but accurate.  


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Figure 2: A Gii-Sens electrode with a £1 coin for size reference. This size and format are optimised for R&D, but we have full flexibility on design for seamless integration into existing or new systems. 



Just like how Gii-Sens can be designed to the size of a pound coin (Figure 2), it can be enlarged or miniaturised for custom design, size and shape. As Gii is grown directly onto Gii-Sens, the very large electrochemically active area that allows Gii-Sens to have the advantageous properties above, will not be compromised: giving full flexibility over the design of Gii-Sens. Read our comparison report to learn more about the performance of Gii-Sens. 





Figure 3: Our LOC concept that integrates our Gii-Sens and Gii-Cap within the device.






Natively high-purity graphene has little to no functional groups on its surface: meaning Gii is a blank slate that can be functionalised and optimised for any bioassay. Gii-Sens does not require pre-treatment as the graphene surface is not susceptible to fouling. 

We recently launched Gii-Sens+® that comes pre-functionalised with NHS or COOH groups to save you the extra steps of solution preparation, incubation and more, which additionally saves you some time too.  We look forward to releasing further Gii-Sens+® products in 2022. 


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Figure 4: The endless possibilities for functionalisation of Gii-Sens. You can view our current menu of Gii-Sens+, here 



Optimise your assay design today

Our disciplinary team can use computer design technology to animate and render sensor shape, size and design for custom assay applications, including the integration of multiple working electrodes in one sensor and prototype them. As Gii-Sens offers carte blanche, it can be functionalised with any molecule. Therefore, Gii-Sens can be customised to your design, bringing the enhanced properties of graphene to you, for the next generation of sensing.  


Do you have a novel application or custom design in mind? Contact us today 



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Caitlin Ho

Written by Caitlin Ho

Caitlin Ho is the Commercial Assistant at Integrated Graphene with a background in biochemistry