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Founded in 2021, Forever North Partners, LLC works with high achieving companies who have proven breakthrough technologies, processes and services that are preparing for their level of growth.
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Press Release: Forever North Partners, LLC announce partnership with Integrated Graphene, Ltd., for North American Market

Nov 16, 2022 12:11:42 PM / by Forever North Partners


Forever North Partners, LLC (FNP), Murrieta, Ca, and Integrated Graphene, Ltd (IG), Stirling, UK, have entered into a strategic North American partnership to sell and market IG’s breakthrough graphene technology, Gii®, the world’s first pure 3D graphene for advanced sensing technology. After a significant fund-raising round in June 2022, Integrated Graphene (IG) is introducing Gii-Sens, IG’s high sensitivity, high precision, easy to use and implement biosensor into the US market. IG’s engineered Gii® allow Gii-Sens to replace the existing gold standard biosensor as well as biosensors made with other materials.

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